Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blast from the Past - Blakeman Looks to Do to NYC What He Did to Nassau

Former Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer Bruce Blakeman is mulling a run for New York City Mayor. He did such a good job in Nassau that he was sent packing during the 1999 elections, moved to Manhattan and wants to re-enter politics a decade later. Before losing his seat in 1999, Blakeman got his ass handed to him when he ran for NYS Comptroller in 1998.
From the City Hall blog....
"He discussed the possibilities sitting in his law office on 41st St. and Third Ave., directly across the street from the building where Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation. (“I thought I could keep an eye on him,” Blakeman said sadly of Spitzer, whom he calls a personal friend.)

“I have left the door open to the possibility of going back into a public life and [mayor] is a very interesting position where you could do a lot of good for people,” he said.
"Blakeman, though, would not set a deadline for making a decision before he has had time to adequately gauge his level of support.
“You have to take into consideration who the potential candidates are, and you have to take into consideration whether you are prepared to make that sacrifice,” he said.
"His fundraising efforts for local officials have also earned him many powerful friends on the local level, said former Staten Island Borough President and GOP kingmaker Guy Molinari (R). Last year, Blakeman hosted a fundraiser for Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan (R), who was re-elected.
“Bruce has been around and he has picked up some chits by helping people like that from time to time,” Molinari said.
"With term limits soon forcing most elected officials out of office, Blakeman said that 2009 is shaping up to be an interesting year.
“And the good news is there won’t be a popular well-funded incumbent running,” he said laughing. “Whether it’s me or anybody else.”

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