Thursday, April 03, 2008

Town of Oyster Bay Council Members have Better Things to Do

A letter to The Leader...

Cesspool Creek

To the Editor:
At a Town of Oyster Bay board meeting on March 25, 2008 the latest proposal for The Continental Villas continuous waste water problems was unveiled. As usual the current “solution” will cause a delay of at least a year. As proposed, the homes in the subdivision will be connected to Glen Cove Sewer District via a pipe that will come from Glen Cove to Locust Valley. The unknowns being the actual cost of the project and who will foot the bill, where the pumping stations will be and if the county will even get permission from other municipalities like Lattingtown and Mill Neck to install them. Of course, the residents of the Continental Villas have been promised to be the first to connect to the pipe. However, that will depend on everyone else between Glen Cove and Bayville not yet aware of the project.
Mr. Venditto was extremely cooperative in promising the families with the most severe problems to do all in his power to provide them with an interim solution until they can connect to the new pipe. This is the most concern anyone has shown from either the Town or Nassau County for the families in need.
The last proposal unveiled just last August, in the form of an MBR plant appeared to be considerably favorable to the contact chamber that has been polluting Mill Neck Creek for over 20 years. So far, this new plan is just that, a plan. One of many ideas and discussions with nothing concrete, nothing in writing.
Councilwoman Faughnan, who also sits on the board of Friends of the Bay seemed uninterested. She sat reading through correspondence while the speakers were at the podium. Another board member actually fell asleep in his chair. While their behavior is rude and unprofessional it is hardly unexpected, this is the exact response the problem has been getting for 40 years.
Thought the public might like an update.
Concerned Citizens
of the Continental Villa

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