Monday, September 10, 2007

Shenanigans in the Town of Oyster Bay

I had some down-time this past week so I hopped in the Wayback Machine to do a little research.
Back in 2003 there was a small kerkuffle in the Town of Oyster Bay when Democratic Town Councilwoman Bonnie Eislers desk was broken into and a disk was stolen. The disk contained plans for a rally and the press release for the rally. This information was disseminated to republican officials.
The thief turned out to be the Town Council Administrative Assistant Frank Sammartano. At the time, Supervisor John Venditto said in Newsday "I became furious when I heard Mr. Sammartano's admissions. This type of behavior will not be tolerated in the Town of Oyster Bay." Sammartano subsequently resigned and that seemed to be the end of that.
Oh wait, Sammartano is the Jericho Republican Leader so there is no way he was going to just give up the salary from a patronage job.
Venditto who is also a republican and must know the Jericho leader quite well said "At the expense of sounding somewhat melodramatic, this is a very sad and tragic story. It is the story of someone who worked his way up the ranks and, because he handled himself well, got an opportunity to serve as administrative assistant to the town board. And because of his own omissions, got himself involved in some political shenanigans. [His actions] were a breach of his fiduciary duty to each member of the town board. From our standpoint, that is the problem."

So we have "breach of fiduciary duty" and "
This type of behavior will not be tolerated in the Town of Oyster Bay."
But why is Frank Sammartano now working for the Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Works?
According to employee records and a reliable source, the same Frank Sammartano who could not be trusted working for the Town Council got another job with the Town after he resigned.
Loyal republicans, especially leaders get rewarded and keep getting rewarded.
When did he start to work for DPW?
Who hired him after he resigned in 2003?
Why would the Town re-hire an admitted thief?
These are important questions.
It seems Venditto just shifted a bad employee from one area to another so he could keep his politically-connected salary.
I bet Venditto figured people would stop paying attention so the Jericho Republican Leader could get another patronage job with the Town.
What does this say about Vendittos judgment and his ability to be a real leader? This is to quote Venditto "
political shenanigans." And is really indicative of the republican machine that runs the Town of Oyster Bay.
What else is going on in TOBAY we don't know about yet?


Anonymous said...

if people only knew of the way the town of oyster bay hides stuff ( people ) when things they do go wrong. the titles they give to people because of who they know not the job they can do. they are a joke in many ways. yes i work for them so is this the pot calling the kettle black, i don't know but there are so many things that fly under the radar. you dont like your position you call your leader and give a donation and you get what you want. i am sure it is done all over that is politically run so who knows. BUT BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS THEY ARE A POLITICAL MACHINE THAT RUNS ON THE MONEY THAT US REPUBLICANS KEEP FEEDING THEM WITH. they will drain you then throw you to the dogs when you have no more money.

hanslanda said...

@Anonymous- That just isn't true. The TOB hires people who know are well qualified (sometimes overqualified) and you would know that if you did your homework.

Anonymous said...

check out salaries of supervisors,and commissioners and the deputies that are many in some departments. plus relatives and children related to them .watch out tob your next.. you cannot hide anymore...check out deputy in community services husband also hired in same dept/ town attorney wife hidden also in department/retired policeman also hired a nurse in department/treasurer of republican party wife also hidden ion dept./ deputy commissioner of animal shelter father also hidden in dept./commissioners brother also commissioner of public safety/ex husband also in public safety on and on