Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Team Murray Uses Misleading Graphs

If you visit Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murrays re-election website, you are greeted with tha phrase "Leadership You Can Trust."
Murray shouldn't be throwing the "trust" word around so lightly. On her own site, she includes a graph detailing the Town of Hempstead Bond Rating. The accompioning text says "Standard & Poors, the respected bond rater,) has assigned Murray’s government a rating of Aa+, a full four steps higher than Nassau County."
Indeed. If you look at the graph below, Nassau is rated as "A" and ToH is rated as Aa+.
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If you count from "A" to Aa+", it does indeed look like "four steps higher than Nassau." And the graph dramatically shows the HUGE gap between Nassau and the Town of Hempstead.
Of course, this is not exactly where the truth lies. The "+" ratings are NOT full points but intermidiary ratings. And the chart has three versions of "A" and three versions on "Aa" which makes it look like there is a bigger difference.
Now here is a graph with all of the FULL ratings S&P gives out.

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Notice how the differnce between Nassau and ToH aren't that far apart. Team Murray also neglected to put the "Aaa" rating in. According to that graph, "Aa+" is the best available.
If anything, ToH is only 1 1/2 points better than Nassau - NOT 4.

Team Murray, Leadership you CAN'T Trust.

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