Thursday, September 27, 2007

John Venditto: Purposely Obtuse or Just Plain Ignorant

A week or so ago we posted a letter by TOBAY Town Council candidate Keith Scalia that appeared in the Massapequa Post.
In the letter, Scalia questioned why Venditto touts his environmental record while using gas-guzzling cars. The next week Venditto responded but didn't answer any of the issues that Scalia raised.
Scalia finished his letter with this :"If Mr. Venditto is the “trailblazer” he claims to be, he will trade in his gas-guzzling Crown Victoria for a Toyota Prius; thus “preserving the quality of life” for this generation, and the generations to come."

Venditto responded with this "And, by the way, I am proud to be driving a car that is made in America by American workers."

Wow, talk about cheapoly wrapping yourself in the flag without addressingthe real point.
Venditto drives a town-provided car that is fairly bad with gas mileage.
Instead of the Crown Vic, maybe Johnny V. can get a hybrid or a car that gets better mileage.
Scalia was making a point and Venditto took the cowards way out.
There are alot of hybrid and fuel efficient cars made in the US by US workers.
Pick one.

Oh and for Vendittos information, Toyota has a fairly large presence in the US with manufacturing. They have 5 plants on line right now. Toyota directly employs around 38,000 people in the US. It has in total produced 14.8 million vehicles, 2.5 million vehicles sales (2005), 39.2 million total vehicles sales, and purchased $26.1 billion worth of "parts, materials and components" as of December 2005 in North America.

So really, Vendittos comment was just plain dumb.

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