Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No Schmitt

The only P.O. that Schmitt is now is Pissed Off.
The judge has ruled in the favor of the Democrats that the vote for Presiding Officer requires 10 votes as a majority vote and not the 9 that Schmitt got. So really, the judge agreed with what Schmitt said a month ago which we posted about yesterday.
The judge has ordered a new vote which is scheduled for Monday the 6th and any actions Schmitt has taken as Presiding Officer have been made null and void.
The question now is how that vote on monday will go. We know that Schmitt's gang of 8 will vote lock-step for him as they always do.
Where does that leave Corbin and Altmann?
They have to vote for either Schmitt or the Democratic candidiate whether it be Kevan Abrahams or Judy Jacobs.
In the last vote, they had an out by saying "we voted for Roger and the Democrats ruined Democratic control by voting for Abrahams." Now they can't get away with that. They can side with the Democratic majority or they can vote for Schmitt and end thier careers in Nassau politics with a single vote. Corbin and Altmanns constituents might accept them being mavericks and voting for Corbin over Jacobs or Abrahams but they will be less forgiving if the votes are cast for Peter Schmitt.
Schmitt could stick with his original deal and instrcut his people to vote for Corbin but that opens him up to losing Minority Leader to Jacobs of she runs.
An appeal is most likely being filed so we'll have to see what happens next.

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Anonymous said...

Their careers in Democratic politics is over already. You don't have to wait for Monday.