Friday, February 10, 2006

End of an Error: Schmitt Not Presiding Officer

The Appealate Court panel ruled that it does indeed take 10 votes to be Presiding Officer.
The Legislature held another vote and Corbin and Altmann joined with thier fellow Democrats to vote for Judy Jacobs to continue her excellent work as Presiding Officer.
Schmitt tells Newsday "I've never been so happy to lose an election as this one."
All we have to say to Schmitt is 'Start getting used to it.'


Anonymous said...

Oh come on. "Start getting used to it", are you that blinded by your own ideology that you think Schmitt will lose in 2007?

Anonymous said...

Hey John, better start walking the 12th LD now to get a head start on Legislator Schmitt, you seem to have the upper hand on making up the 45 percentage points or so you'll need to win next time!