Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why Schmitt Can't Lead

The most important factor in leadership is being able to bring people together. If you can bring people with different ideas together to accomplish a goal, then you are a true leader.CE Suozzi has annouced a plan to fund a program to reduce abortions.
The proposed $3million would go to such diverse groups as Planned Parenthood and Life Center of Long Island.The idea is to bring to help each group to reduce the need for abortions which all sides agree on. It's not a matter of making it legal or illegal but lessening the need for them.Schmitt in his usual manner just doesn't get what is going on. Suozzi is working to bring groups together for a common goal.
Schmitt tells the NYTimes "Leadership is not pandering to both sides of a contentious issue by using taxpayer dollars. I have pro-abortion people calling concerned that pro-life people are being funded, and pro-life people calling concerned that pro-abortion people are being funded. You can't be on both sides of this issue."
This is exactly why Schmitt is not leadership material. Finding common ground is what a real leader does. Schmitt is too used to being a polarizing, partisan figure to know better

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