Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There He Goes Again: Nassau Young Republican Spouts Off

The new Nassau Young Republican President just doesn’t know when to stop. He has a “News Release” entitled ‘VASSALLO REACTS TO SUOZZI'S "LISTENING TOUR”’ which appears on his website. Vassallo just regurgitates the same ill-informed GOP rhetoric that failed so miserably during the campaign last year. Vassallo even cribs from his letters to local papers.

“The County Executive's Announcement today that he will be forming a "United State: Listening Tour" is a disservice to the taxpayers who cast their votes for him this past November.”

So sitting politicians are not allowed to do anything else?

Seems Vassallo’s boss ToH Receiver of Taxes Don Clavin was running for Nassau County Comptroller all last year.
Did Vassallo have a problem with that?
Probably not.

”Nassau County faces numerous and substantial problems. Obscenely high Property taxes are driving people out of their homes. Violent crime and home invasions are on the rise due to the underfunding of our Police Departments.Whats worse, Urban-style overdevelopment threatens to undermine our very quality of life.”

Gee, this all looks familiar. Vassallo wrote some letters last year with the same themes. We pointed out that Vassallo didn’t bother identifying his position in the republican party when he wrote those letters.
Last year Vassallo wrote “Residents of Nassau County are being taxed out of their homes.”

As we said then and repeat now When it comes to taxes, the County portion is only about 20%. The rest is School and Town taxes which Alex should know CE Souzzi has no control over. Suozzi has been working with school boards to figure out how to cut school taxes even though he has no control over them. The big problem is the state aid formula. Too bad the State Senators and Assembly-members aren’t doing anything to help.
The fact is crime is down in Nassau County. That was widely reported and then-District Attorney Denis Dillon, a REPUBLICAN affirmed the drop in crime.
As for “urban-style overdevelopment,” Vassallo needs to check with his local zoning board. They have the finak say in what gets built in their Towns and Villages.

”As Mr. Suozzi travels around New York State, flirting with voters about the idea of running for Governor, one thing becomes very clear: Nassau County deserves a full time County Executive, not a part-time Candidate for Governor.”

As we said before, Did Vassallo have a problem with Clavin running for Comptroller?

And if Suozzi is SOOOOO BAAAADD for Nassau as Vassallo said last year, wouldn’t Vassallo rather have Suozzi out of the county?

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