Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another Take on the Legislature Mess

From our friends at The Commmunity Alliance

"...... In a related story in the Long Island Press, Judy's Last Stand, Democratic Legislator Craig Johnson is quoted as saying that the situation in Nassau's governing body is "surreal." Maybe we could sell the television rights to MTV, using the advertising revenues to pay for, among other things, the economic redevelopment of our "downtowns," the construction and subsidizing of affordable housing, and the renewal and maintenance of our neighborhood parks.

There doesn't seem to be a "recall" provision in the Nassau County Charter. Too bad. Would be nice if we could replace the Corbins, Altmanns and Schmitts with, say, trained fleas. At least the acrobatics would be more entertaining, and far less costly to the taxpayer.

There is nothing in the Charter that even requires the Legislature to vote on new leadership, which would, in essence, keep the status quo -- something the County Legislature has become particularly adept at doing over the years.

Or maybe we could sneak a measure across the table through which the Legislators would simply vote to abolish their own positions. This, we believe, would truly satisfy what both Corbin and Schmitt have been bellowing for -- that the will of the people be served!"

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