Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Ed Ward Follies

Ed Ward is the $80,000 a year part-time spokeperson for the republican legislators. He makes more than his boss Peter Schmitt.
Ward was at one time a legislator in Nassau but lost his re-election bid to the anger of voters over the fiscal malfeasence of the republicans when they were in charge. He actually doubled his salary
Once in a while he is called upon to make comments to the press. They are a wonderful look into the mind of Ed Ward. We'll update this new feature as quotes become available.

Ward tells
Newsday Jan 10th regarding CE Suozzi running for Governor "It's a slap in the face to the residents who voted for him that 13 days after his new four-year term begins, he will focus on a run for governor instead of the myriad of problems that face Nassau County,"

That's funny. We would assume Ward supported Greg Peterson for County Executive last year. We can also assume he supported Peterson when he ran for re-election for Hempstead Supervisor. Did Ward think Peterson slapped Hempstead voters in the face when he resign just after being sworn in after being re-elected so he could take a cushy higher-paying job at OTB?
I bet he didn't.

Newsday Jan 20th "The fight is not over.... Jacobs' efforts not to be affiliated with any party - a 'blank' had disenfranchised 18 legislators. Now who is going to represent them? We're not going to allow a blank to become presiding officer or minority leader."

Why not Ed? What's so wrong with an un-affiliated Presiding Officer or Minority Leader. Nearly 1/4 of voters regsitered in Nassau County (183,400) are "blank."
The blanks as a voting bloc are larger than the number of voters who re-elected Tom Suozzi.
By backing Corbin and Altmann, the republicans are "disenfranchising" 8 Democratic legislators.
Also, the job of Presiding Officer as prescribed by the County Charter isn't a political position but a mangerial position. Who gets "disenfrachised" if an un-affilaited Presiding Officer does the job of Presiding Officer?
What would Ward do if a Conservative (C) or Right-to-Life (RTL) third-party candidate became PO?

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