Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Schmitt Does an Obscene Thing

The vote for the leadership in the legislature was held today and Republican Peter Schmitt was elected Presiding Officer by a single vote. The Democrats put Kevan Abrahams up for PO.
The vote is as follows:
Schmitt - 9
Abrahams - 8
Corbin - 2

Schmitt got his 8 loyal lackeys to vote for him and Corbin and Altmann pulled the Samson Option and voted against the Democratic Majority.
Corbin is now Deputy Presiding Officer... wait, that's what he was before. Moving on up.
Lisanne Altmann was the BIG WINNER cause now she's the ALTERNATE DEPUTY PRESIDING OFFICER.
Altmann is done in Nassau politics.

So Schmitt thinks he might come out in top with the public because he is the "reluctant hero" who stepped into the breach when the Democrats were fighting.
Hold the phone though, for the past couple of weeks Schmitt has been saying that him being PO would be "obscene" which we whole-heartedly agree with and he said "I don't want to be Presiding officer" and "There should be a Democratic Presiding Officer"
Like we asked yesterday, why didn't Schmitt just stay out of the vote? Or direct one of his Stepford Legislators to vote for someone other than him?

So what happens now with Schmitt as PO?
Well, you just have to look at who he is.
Check out Schmitt Watch and go through the archives.
He is a proven liar up to and including today.
When we was Deputy Presiding Officer with a republican majority he proved himself adept in screwing the county finances up.
And you can always count on him to say something stupid in the press. There's still the matter of a couple pending multi-million dollar lawsuits against him and his past problems with the law.

More to come....

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