Tuesday, January 24, 2006

“If nominated I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.”

On January 3rd, we went through the poor-man's Machiavellian moves of Schmitt and the republicans that could mean Schmitt gets elected Presiding Officer.
Democrats Altmann and Corbin pooh-poohed the idea that Schmitt would leave them high and dry and Schmitt himself said numerous times that he is not interested in being Presiding Officer with a Democratic Majority. We of course didn't believe him. Our contention from the beginning was that Schmitt wanted to edge Judy Jacobs out by playing a rope-a-dope on Roger Corbin.

Schmitt told the
Anton Newspapers on December 30th “I don't want to be presiding officer of a legislature that is a Democratic majority,"
On January 4th, Schmitt said in Newsday
“That would be obscene... That is not what the people of this county intended when they elected 10 Democrats. ... The Democrats should be in charge."
Also on
January 4th in the Long Island Press “But that is not what the people of the County wanted….. There should be a Democratic presiding officer, democratic committee chairs. The democrats should be in charge.”
More recently in the
Jan 23rd NYTimes "Mr. Schmitt has said it would be "obscene" for him to be presiding officer, since voters elected more Democratic legislators than Republicans."
But there is a slight variation in the story.

"But if his coalition loses its court appeal, and if the Democrats fail to reunite, some politicians say he might take over after all."

Since Judy Jacobs won her court battle and if the votes played out like Corbin wanted, Corbin would be Presiding Officer with Jacobs as Minority Leader. Schmitt doesn't want to be frozen out so of course pending any new court ruling, Schmitt will drop his part of the deal with Corbin and have his people vote for him.
Corbin and Altmann don't want to "lose face" by returning to the Judy Jacobs bloc so thier votes so far stay locked in for Corbin leaving Schmitt as Presiding Officer and Jacobs as Minority Leader.

Today's Newsday has picked up on this with the article "Nassau Dems may forfeit their control."
They say "The running battle over leadership of the Nassau County Legislature became even more confusing Monday with both sides maneuvering to force a vote -- perhaps as early as tomorrow -- that could result in a Republican being elected presiding officer."
This was the outcome the republicans wanted from the beginning.

Corbin tries to turn the vote on the 8 Democrats by saying "We are voting for a Democrat presiding officer, not Peter Schmitt.... If the Democrats don't vote with Lisanne and myself, that means they are willing to give up control of everything just to get at us."
We thought Corbin had the republican votes sewn-up. Corbin is now admitting Schmitt will turn on him and have his people vote for him leaving Corbin out in the cold.

Civil War General William Sherman said in regards to people wanting him to run for President in 1884 “If nominated I will not run. If elected, I will not serve.”
Will Schmitt stand up today and say the same thing?

He has said repeatedly that he does not want to be Presiding Officer with a Democratic majhority as we've pointed out but his spokesperson Ed Ward told Newsday that Schmitt's name will be
"... put into nomination along with Corbin's."
So Schmitt was lying.
Schmitt should pledge to Newsday that he will do as he has been saying and not be Presiding Officer.
He won't do that because he does not want to lose any power or take a pay cut.

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