Friday, February 25, 2011

Schmitt and Police Union Get Into a Tussle

Schmitt has always gone to the Unions for endorsements and approved their contracts so it was probably disconcerting for them to hear Schmitt attack them publically. Schmitt dismissed the Unions by saying "Name one of my legislators who needed police union support to win election. Who runs this county, the elected officials or the unions?"
According to Newsday, it seems the PBA has something to say to Schmitt who sent them a solicitation to buy tickets to a fundraiser.
...when Schmitt this month sent Carver a solicitation to purchase $500 tickets through him for the Nassau Republican committee’s annual “Inaugural Ball” , Carver returned the letter, attaching a copy of the news article reporting Schmitt’s comments. “Dear Mr. Schmitt,” Carver wrote. “Your strong message in Newsday ...about not needing police union support was loudly received by the PBA and its membership. Enclosed I have returned your request for support.”

Carver cc’d Legis. John Ciotti of North Valley Stream, a Republican who has counted on PBA support in the past to win in his Democratic district.

Schmitt then replied: “Dear Jimmy, Do as you will — I do believe you supported Mejias over Belesi, Toback over Kopel, as well as Weitzman over Maragos. Hence my comment that they did not need your support to win.”

...Carver told Newsday, “He blindsides us in the paper with inappropriate comments about not needing union support. Then he has the nerve to send us a request to purchase tickets through him....He could have called me afterward and said, ‘What’s bothering you, Jim?’ Peter has the habit of going to the press without out ever speaking to anyone. He’s now being treated the same way he treats everyone else.”

Carver added, “There is no police officer in Nassau County that needs Peter Schmitt.”

I wonder if the Union will remember this in a few months when Schmitt once again asks for their endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Hope he remembers his comments the next time he is driving intox on our roads....

Anonymous said...

We will all remember to Vote for ANYONE running against Schmitt this November!