Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Got a Mid-Priced Home? Managno Raised Your Taxes.

So much for the Tax Revolt and any promise Mangano made to "fix the system" and "protect taxpayers from property tax increases."
Maybe it's time to a Recall law in New York.

From Newsday:

"Nassau used a new and untested method for assessing residential properties this year that will shift the overall tax burden to middle-class homeowners while reducing taxes on high-end and bottom-priced homes, County Comptroller George Maragos says in a draft audit.

According to the draft, obtained by Newsday, the new method will increase the overall property tax bills of owners of middle-range homes by an average of $227 each; owners of top-end houses will see an average tax decrease of $173, while owners of the least costly houses will see a drop of $55 on average."

"According to the draft audit, the assessment department dropped the use of comparable properties for determining the tentative residential assessment roll issued this January. Instead the county used the lowest of an array of values - including last year's assessed value, any reductions resulting from property tax protests and a recent sale of the property.

Auditors said the new method is not used by other municipalities, was not reviewed by mass appraisal experts and has not been tested to see if it complies with state law."

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Anonymous said...

A problem of this calculation is that when a person bought a home was unaware of County misrepresentations as true sq' footage, number of baths,.etc. When I bought my home, the County listed it as 2600',..this was the range of home I was looking. But after I bought the home, I remeasured and found out it was 1800. The County agreed and lowered my assessment but,..still used my purchased price as a comparable resulting in a false assessment. Anyhow,..Long Islands system compares well with the rest of the Nation. We are in the 8% of correctness, as the National average is at 10%. The problem is that midpriced areas are taxed at a 2-3% rate of assessed value, compared to 1-2% of the Wealthy areas due to the Local burden of School taxes. One solution is to introduce private and charter schools to compete for local funding, a second solution would be to equalize the property tax rate which would require some type of consolidation. Paying 25k in property taxes for a 750k home in Westbury School District is insane. Public Workers paying into their Pensions and Health, and State taxes on pensions as the rest of the private sectore workers would be a start and help avoid bankruptcy.