Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dissembling of CSEA Local830 President Jerry Laricchiuta

What is right, standing up for your Union members who elected you or covering for your political party bosses?
On Friday, Nassau County CSEA President Laricchiuta spoke at St. John's University which hosted a forum on the union-busting in Wisconsin. There, Republican Laricchiuta said "We find ourselves under attack by those in our party, mostly over to the far right."

"They have convinced many people in this country that the reason for the economic crisis is the pensions and benefits and salaries that public workers have fought for over the years... It's without merit. And yet they've got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attack labor and they're going to take it."

Laricchiuta is saying "they" and "far right" republicans are going after unions.

In February, Laricchiuta wrote an op-ed which was published in Newsday and many of the local weekly papers. There too he stated "Accusations by various groups and individuals that paint the county worker as the No. 1 reason why the county has fallen into this financial abyss, are wrong and baseless."

When it comes to the attacks on union workers in Nassau County, it isn't some "far right" republican group or any mysterious cabal, it is Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt. Both REPUBLICANS, just like Jerry.

Why didn't Laricchiuta just come out and say "Mangano and Schmitt have been maligning union workers"?

He does say "...the main message here is that the anger and venom being spewed today at the county worker are wrong and misdirected." But as the leader of almost 10,000 County Workers, he conceals the culprits to the detriment of the members. Why not let the workers know exactly who is attacking them. Be honest, it isn't some mysteroius, shadowy group or fringe individuals, it is the republican county executive and republican Legislature Presiding Officer. It certainly NOT the Democrats but Jerry in his dissembling tries to protect his fellow republicans as we head into the fall elections. The same people attacking his union members now, have gone hat in hand in the past to get endorsements and campaign contributions. Is Jerry going to endorse Schmitt and his republican rubber stamps in this years elections? He'll have a hard case to make to his members when they know without a doubt that Schmitt and the republicans are the ones attacking them.

It was Mangano, not "various groups" that demanded $60million in labor concessions and then threatened layoffs AND breaking the union contracts.

It's Mangano who has said “The costs related to our work costs have simply become too great for our taxpayers to fund through the real property taxes that are collected.”

And Schmitt who said "Nobody who works for private industry has some of these benefits and receives some of these benefits.”

Jerry Laricchuita needs to defend his workers against the clear union-busting Mangano and Schmitt are attempting with breaking the contracts. The Union Leaders in Wisonsin have not been afraid to name names and Laricchuita should follow their lead.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomo (D) is attacking gov. worker pensions as well. So is CT Gov. Malloy (D) but nobody in the media is highly critical of them!? If you really support workers' rights you should defend those rights from anybody who attacks them, regardless of their political affiliation.