Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New GOP Senator Jack Martins Needs a History Lesson

Jack Martins who barely defeated Sen. Craig Johnson has teamed up with Lee Zeldin the newest Senator from Suffolk (and possibly the NYS Senate's very own Ted Baxter) to complain that money that was set aside before the election for community projects have been cut.
Martins and Zeldin write
"...the former Democrat Majority in the Senate was directing state authorities to de-fund these very same programs worth over $12 million for the two districts."

Perhaps they should talk to their boss Dean Skelos who defunded projects for the 7th SD when Craig Johnson won the special election.
Not only that, after all Skelos' talk about "fair share" for school funding for Long Island, schools in the 7th SD got short-changed while republican districts made out very well.
Then take the case of Sen. Andrea Stewart Cousins, a Democrat that defeated a sitting republican. School aid for her district was cut after that election. Skelos said about that "This would never have happened if Senator Nick Spano was still there.” Classy.
Skelos didn't even try to hide that he was playing politics with education money.
I hope Martins and Zeldin feel that Skelos is also "
... grossly irresponsible, devoid of integrity," and is "causing significant harm to the recipients including towns, villages, school districts, fire districts and not-for-profits who have been deceived by their actions."
'Cause otherwise, they would be huge hypocrites.

The next bit
is one that really irks me because it is such a lie perpetuated by republicans to scare voters. "Once again, the New York City based Senate Democratic leadership have looked to Long Island as their ATM machine."
The FACT is that NYC gets $11billion LESS in money than they send to Albany.
NYC does not and never has taken money from Long Island. Martins and Zeldin need to look to upstate for that.

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