Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mangano Fundraising on NIFA Woes

Just when you thought you couldn't get any more cynical about politics.
Accidental County Executive Ed Mangano vows to fight for Nassau County Taxpayers against the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) take-over of Nassau County finances.
While he is doing that, he wouldn't mind if you donated to his campaign.
That's right, while Nassau's finances are being taken over by a Control Board, Mangano has taken this opportunity to raise some cash for himself. (maybe he wants to go out to eat some more)
So what if the Bond Rating for the county is downgraded?
Who cares if the reputation of the county is made worse by Mangano's ineptitude!
It's all okay 'cause Mangano has money in his campaign account.

I was at a local forum and on the table was a piece of paper signed by Mangano. Mangano was there along with Peter Schmitt to lie to the folks about NIFA.
The handout has a color heading that reads "URGENT: ED MANGANO IS FIGHTING NIFA'S TAX HIKES and he needs your help!"
Now just as an FYI, NIFA can't raise your taxes but that is for another post.
The rest of the handout is the standard line Mangano has been spewing for the past week.
Then all the way at the bottom after his signature is a "P.S." asking for a donation.
Now this this says "Help Ed Mangano stop NIFA's tax hike."
Exactly how in the world would a campaign contribution help his fight?
Isn't it the County as an entity suing NIFA? It's not Mangano personally suing them.
Here is Ed Mangano using a terrible situation for Nassau to make some money for himself.
The bigger problem here is that Mangano was at this forum as his offical capacity as County Executive and he is handing out flyers asking for campaign contributions. Unfortnately someone will be suckered into donating thinking the money is going to help "fight NIFA."
Something seems very unethical about this.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the same meeting last nite and all you can talk about is campaign contributions. Why not be more productive and write about the facts on what the meeting was about. Educationing the public on nifa and what mangano proposes would be much more benefical dont you agree. I just dont understand why every newspaper article is criticizing mangano give the guy a chance to run the county. Negativity is counterproductive, talk about the facts and what was said at the meeting. Living and struggling in nassau county, has a taxpayer I am more concerned about the faith of nassau county rather than one line at the end of a flyer. I guess this article is another political ploy to dicredit mangano and his administration.

J said...

There will be a post about the incredibly obvious lies Managno and Schmitt told.
#1 being NIFA can't raise taxes.

Anonymous said...

No one ever said they could raise taxes. Try listening. Mangano and Schmitt have said NIFA want to raise taxes and its true.

No matter what Mangano proposed they kept saying they wanted to see more revenue. After he listed everything else under the sun, including ideas proposed by Suozzi, the only thing left to do was raise taxes.

He didn't submit that idea so they took over.

Its funny how bad this blog is. You slant everything, routinely block content, and you write like a third grader whose angry at his teacher.

Why don't you stop rambling on about your angry you are and try and make a difference? And don't tell us you did when you ran because in another post you said you didn't even want to run. Your just another bigoted party line nut job exactly like the guys on Fox News you claim to hate so much.

I'd laugh at this blog if it wasn't so sad.

J said...

Oh dear, someone who has no stones to post any other way but "anonymous" is being critical of me.
1) Mangano and Schmitt certainly do leave the impression that NIFA can raise taxes.
2) Mangano had an entire YEAR to come up with concrete revenue ideas and did not. He wanted a casino, higher sales tax, untenable concessions from hard working county employees and fake cuts that didn't add up.
2a) Mangano DID try to raise taxes already. Skelos said "no way" to a sales tax increase. BUT Mangano did manage to increase county fees and surcharges by over $60million. He did submit the idea of a sales tax increase. BTW let me say it again MANGANO WANTED TO INCREASE TAXES.
3)An ad hominem attack. How badly you are losing this argument.
BTW I don't "routinely block content."
4)more ad hominem attacks. That means you got nothing.
5) Still anonymous. Says alot about a person.

Anonymous said...

it you again john
get a job