Monday, February 14, 2011

Ed Mangano's Sick Tax

Welcome to the New Nassau County where County Executive Ed Mangano wants to save you from a property tax increase but sure as heck hopes you break a leg so he can close his budget gap. That's right Nassau County Taxpayers, if you are in a car accident, have a heart attack, fall down a flight of stairs, slip on some ice or just feel too terrible to take yourself to a hospital, Ed Mangano is making sure you do your part to help him balance the county budget. Up until January 31st of this year, your ride to the hospital in a Nassau County Ambulance was $400.
On February 1st, the Mangano Sick Tax kicked in and now it costs $1000 to get you to a hospital.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!
You need Advanced Life Support?
That'll run you $1200 (versus $550 previously)

Need even more Advanced Life Support??
Well, you get a sort-of discount at only $1250 (versus $650 previously)

And just when you thought you were being bled dry enough, Mangano and Schmitt increased the mileage surcharge over 100% from $6 per mile to $15 per mile.

So Nassau County, do your part and go out there and break a leg!

Mangano expects to make an additional $8million from this tax increase to balance his budget.
Mangano and Schmitt won't call it a tax but it is. And even if we just accept it as a "fee increase" then what happend to the campaign rhetoric of Schmitt and Mangano not to increase fees either? Oh wait, those were Tax Revolt Party lies.
Mangano, Schmitt and the Nassau County Republicans are trying to make more money off of sick and injured people. How Revolting.

In the meantime to get folks motivated to pitch in, we have a new Slogan for the County..


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