Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Video: MINORITY LEADER Skelos Can't Believe He is Using the Word "Reform"

Dean-o is slowly adjusting to his minority party status and like his fellow republicans realizing they are in quote a pickle. If the Democrats treat them the way they treated the Dems for decades, it's going to be a real tough time.
The Democrats have pledged that they will reform the way the Senate does business. Here is Skelos - who probably had to practice the word "reform" phonetically all night - barely able to make his statement asking Democrats to support the Brennan Center reforms.

He can't even keep a straight face as he flaunts his hypocricy.
Skelos reveled in killing millions in ear-marked funds for the 7th District when Craig Johnson took the seat after Balboni left. Skelos was happy that fellow Long Islanders got screwed.
Before the reforms are put into place, Skelos nneds to feel what it was like on the other side while he was in charge.
It's not revenge, it is a lesson for a bully.

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