Thursday, January 08, 2009

Skelos in the Minority Wants Equality He Denied Democrats

Dean sure changes his tune when he finds himself out of power. While in the Majority, Skelos never sought to reform how the State Senate is run and would never cede an inch to the Democratic Minority. When republican Sen. Balboni stepped down and Craig Johnson (A DEMORCAT!!!!) won the seat in a special election, over $1million in funds set aside for the district under Balboni was cut. The same thing happened to Democrat Andrea Stewart-Cousins when she defeated republican senator Spano.
In his speech after entering minority party status, Skelos is calling for REFORM!!!!! in how the senate is run. Dean says “Many people have blamed Albany's dysfunction on the power of three men in a room - I think the solution lies in uniting 62 men and women in the Senate Chamber.
Simply put, we need to do things differently than in the past.
We need to give Senators equal resources to run their Albany and district offices and represent their constituents.
We must give individual Senators more ability to bring legislation to the floor for a vote.
These reforms will make our house more effective by closing old divisions and opening new avenues to get results.
They will promote openness and accountability and give individual Senators more freedom and ability to do the jobs they were elected to do."

So Skelos wants to have what he and Bruno denied the Democrats fo decades. He wants to have what he in his short tenure as Majority Leader would not give to the Democrats.
I wonder if he cares that he looks like a huge hypocrite.

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