Sunday, January 11, 2009

Schmitt's Perpetual Whining Hi-lited in Letter to Newsday

From Newsday....

Give Suozzi a break
It appears impossible to read an article about a Tom Suozzi initiative that doesn't include a slam by GOP Minority Leader Peter Schmitt (R-Massapequa) ["County to give $2.5M for center," News, Jan. 8]. I understand and respect the role of the opposition, but Schmitt appears incapable of transitioning to bipartisan governing, as he's forever spinning in perpetual campaign mode.

If an article ever reports on Suozzi rescuing 100 orphans from a floundering ship in Long Island Sound, it's sure to include a Schmitt blast excoriating Suozzi for allowing the ship to sink, permitting its diesel fuel to contaminate the water.

Has Suozzi made mistakes? Of course. Will he make more? Probably. But Suozzi at his worst beats his predecessor, Tom Gulotta, at his best by a Long Island Expressway mile. That salient fact is something no amount of Schmitt political bluster can erase.

Edward C. Marczewski

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