Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Poll Shows King Still Losing Senate Race

Another day and another poll for the NY Senate seat being vacated by new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. A Research 2000 poll conducted for the Daily Kos website doesn’t offer any more good news for Peter King or even Rudy Guiliani who would be the so-called “top-tier” GOP candidates.
Under Approval, King gets 39% Approval, 41% Disapproval, and 20% No Opinion.
Guiliani fares much worse with 38% Approval, 56% Disapproval, and 6% No Opinion.

In the head-to-head match-up, Cuomo beats King 45% to 32%.

Cuomo beats Giuliani 48% to 33%.
Kennedy still trounces King 47% to 31% and does the same thing to Giuliani 49% to 32%.

Congressman Steve Israel who is new to the polls and is very much an unknown compared to any of the other possible candidates beats King 34% to 31% and does the same to Giuliani 35% to 32%. That isn’t much but no one knows Israel.

King and Giuliani pull the same low number against well-known Dems and a virtually unknown Dem.

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