Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chicken a la King

For a guy who had so much tough talk on Caroline Kenndy's possibel appointment to the US Senate, he sure back the heck off when Rep. Kristen Gillibrand was named.
King was itching to get into a fight with Senator Caroline Kennedy but has instead toned down his rhetoric on running. “If he appointed Caroline Kennedy, I was ready to file papers right away because she’s a superstar and you can’t let her build a head of steam – and she was totally unqualified in my perspective,” King told Politico. “With Kirsten, she’s entitled to be given an opportunity to build a record for the state.”

So King isn't ready right away to file papers against Gillibrand?
Of course not, because King knows Gillibrand will be a tougher candidate.
I mean if King REALLY wanted to run for Senate, he could have delcared to run against Schumer.... but he didn't.
King is all talk and nothing more.


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