Thursday, March 27, 2008

Skelos, Hannon and Campaign Funds Funny Business

Newsday has picked up the ball and looked into campaign expenditures. (We spent some time over at Peter King Watch doing the same thing with 'Living Like a King') There are alot of interesting things being done with money that is supposed to be used for a campaign. The republicans were happy to see Spitzer get nabbed but a whole barrel of monkeys was over-turned. Now expect much more scrutiny and much less latitude when it comes to campaign money.
'Be careful what you wish for' is the phrase that pays.
From Newsday "
Sen. Dean Skelos spent $812 at the Hempstead Golf & Country Club last May, and his records merely explain the expense as "entertainment."
"The senator often uses the facilities at the Hempstead golf course for meetings of his Senate political club," said Skelos spokesman Tom Dunham. "A lot of business is done outside of the office. It's no different than the corporate world."

"Take, for example, the $313.93 the campaign of Sen. Kemp Hannon (R-Garden City) spent at Tiffany & Co. last August. "Office" was the listed purpose. "It was for a gift or commemoration to someone for some type of duty," Hannon said. "It certainly wasn't for me."

And Skelos' boss Joe Bruno? "
On July 11, Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's campaign spent $3,870 on something -- but we'll never know what because the only description his records give is the word "un-itemized."
Nothing shady there.

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