Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tony Santino's Tortured Logic

Rick Brand in Newsday reports that Democratic voter enrollment has increased 2571 while the republicans picked up only 966 since December 1st.

Self-proclaimed Town of Hempstead "Senior" Councilman and GOP mouth-piece Tony Santino claims this is because of "motor-voter." He tells Newsday
“The Democrats’ registration spiked then and has continued to outpace Republicans ever since. Obviously, there’s a big difference between registering and turning out the vote.”

So what Santino is trying to say is that people who learn to drive and get a license are more likely to be a Democrat than Republican. Republicans on the other hand are not getting drivers licenses in Nassau County. Or Republicans are not registering to vote.
Maybe it's just that people find the Democrats more attractive as a party than the republicans.
Is there even any proof of Santinos assertion that the increase is from motor-voter?
Nah. He's probably just making things up again.

Special Note to Santino: Democrats are coming out to vote. That is why the Nassau DA is a Democrat now. That is why Craig Johnson is State Senator, not Maureen O'Connell. That is why the Nassau Legisalture is still led by Democrats.

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