Thursday, March 13, 2008

Massapequa Republican Resume Padding

Seems there is a little difference of opinion in Massapequa.
In the current issue of the Massapequa Post (March 12), the front page story is about the Massapequa Park GOP Leader Bruce Foley stepping down. Foley has been the leader for 20 years. That's not much of a story really BUT in the story it says "Foley was responsible for establishing the Town's popular Music Under the Stars Program."
Seems Legislator Peter Schmitt has been making that same claim for years. And it's in his official bio on the county website "Mr. Schmitt was also responsible for developing the widely renowned Music Under The Stars program into one of Long Island's premier entertainment events."

Somebody is doing some resume' padding.

Can they argue semantics with "establishing" and "developing"?
That would really be pushing it.

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