Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rose Walker: How Revolting!

Oyster Bay Councilwoman Rose Walker is running to fill Ed Mangano's seat because once he loses the County Executive race to Tom Suozzi, Ed needs a place to go. So the plan is that he'll be appointed to what the republicans beleive will be Rose Walker's empty seat on the Town Council.
Gee, what will happen when Walker loses?
Will she step down so Mangano can slip onto the Town Board?

Anyway, it's kinda funny that Walker has "Tax Revolt" signs going up in the District (and outside the district - the picture below is from deep into Dave Mejias' district) considering Rose Walker voted to increase taxes in the Town of Oyster Bay 11% last year... for a total of 41% over the past 5 years.
Heck, you can say Rose Walker hasn't met a tax she didn't want to increase.
And she wants you (the voter as per her sign) to join her "Tax Revolt"?
She sure forgets her own record fairly quickly and hope you do too.
How Revolting!



Anonymous said...

You are so out of touch with reality that you've actually convinced yourself that the nonsense you liberally spew is actually true. Those that live in glass houses should not cast stones. Take a look at what you're party has done while in complete control of Nassau County for the past eight years. What a joke!

J said...

So Rose walker didn't vote for the tax increases in Oyster Bay? Who was it then?
The County is in much better shape than it was 8-10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I am not a republican or democrat. My father however is a republican who works for the town, So I do have some insight in long island politics. It is easy to forget what gulotta did to this county, near zero bond rating, practically broke? remember? It is also funny that Mangano and Walker also are running on a stop patronage ticket when I know for a fact my father has to run around putting up signs and making phone calls to have his job at the town and if my brother wanted a job he would have to do the same. what a shame.