Thursday, October 08, 2009

Chairman Mangano and his Tax Revolt Party - A Party of Election Fraud

Chairman Ed Mangano is going to court to sue the Nassau County Board of Elections because he wants a better ballot position for his Tax Revolt Party.
Chairman Mangano is the County Executive candidate for the Tax Revolt Party.
Actually, he is the ONLY candidate on the Tax Revolt Party line.
There were three other candidates for Nassau County Legislature on the line but they are off the line.
In order to get the Tax Revolt Party line on the ballot and a candidate on the line, hundreds of signatures needed to be collected on petitions for each candidate in their districts.
Well, it turns out that first Chris Browne running against Legislator Joe Scannell submitted petitions so full of fraud that it was called the worst case of election fraud in Nassau history.
Then Joe Belesi who is losing to Legislator Dave Mejias had his petitions thrown out for fraudulant signature too.
And then Howard Koepel runnnig against Legislator Jeff Toback was kicked off the ballot for the same reason.
75% of the candidates in Chairman Mangano's party have been kicked off the ballot by a judge.
Not only that but the Nassau County District Attorney is investigating the petitions and the people who "collected" them under Chairman Mangano.

Ed Mangano is the leader of he Tax Revolt Party and needs to answer questions about his people committing election fraud.
Signtures that didn't match addresses.
Fake addresses.
Fake signatures.
Forged signatures.
The same handwriting on many signatures.
The list goes on and on.

Tell us Chairman Mangano, what did you know about your party committing fraud and when did you know it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, we gotta be real careful to quash any tax revolt. It is detrimental to the ongoing Marxist orgy of theft.