Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mangano TV Commercial

Just saw Ed Mangano's TV commercial.
It looks like it was shot on a 1983 VHS Camera on a videotape the was used over and over to tape Airwolf through its entire series and then copied over so Ed can make his commercial.
It is that bad.
I'll get the video asap so you can see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Glad to say you're taking the high road and discussing the issues ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I wonder how he feels about Nassau County getting stimulus money, considering he's part of the Tea Party movement.

Anonymous said...

So, where's the video?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he'll be crushed when he loses next month. Apparently, he's under the impression that a half-assed campaign, which includes the defacement of opponents' signs, the illegal placement of his own on public property and a frivolous lawsuit, is the way to win an election. Silly me; I thought it was having coherent ideas on how to solve economic and social problems and taking the time to build a strong local base. (No, teabaggers, you're not a strong enough local base.)

Intention7 said...

who was the idiot that wrote the lines, haven't we had enough of these old washed up spokesmen, does anyone remember all the kickbacks, and payoffs that the republican party sattled us with, bankrupt NC, you stupid idiots go away !!