Friday, October 16, 2009

New Siena Poll: Ed Mangano The Invisible Man

A new Siena Poll spells bad news for Ed Mangano.
Even with signs just about everywhere, Mangano can't catch a break.
In Nassau County, he has:
14% Favorable
11% Unfavorable
and an incredible 74% Don't Know/No Opinion.

It's Mid-October and Mangano has no traction whatsoever.

The big kick in the tuchus is the 76% Don't Know/No Opinion from REPUBLICANS.

By contrast, Suozzi has a 56% Favorable, 34% Unfavorable and only 10% Don't Know/No Opinion.

The question in the poll about who you would vote for if the election were today:
Suozzi - 54%
Mangano - 32%
Don't Know/No Opinion 14%
The only grouping that Mangano does well in is Republicans who give him 50%.
Democrats give Suozzi 79% and Republicans give Suozzi 36%

Mangano gets 11% of Democrats.


Anonymous said...

The only reason Ed Mangano is spending all this money on an election that was over the first day he announced his candidacy is because this is just a big ego boost. Now he can tell all his constituents that he railed against Suozzi and the big, bad Democratic machine because he's a man of principle, when he's really just a self-absorbed idiot who's too stupid to realize that he's just the Republican party's sacrificial lamb.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this post is comical in hindsight now isn't it? I'm a lifelong democrat (Ed Mangano and Joy Watson are the first 2 republicans I ever voted for), but I know Ed Mangano personally. Ed is not at ALL the kind of person who would run for executive as "just a big ego boost." Ed honestly thinks he can change the county, and hopefully he gets the chance. It should be interesting to see how this shakes out when every vote is tallied.

Anonymous said...

Dont you feel like a "jackass" now? mangano is real honest and a good family man.And he will be sitting in that county executive seat soon.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for being a lifelong Democrat.

Anonymous said...

So what do you think now?? Ed is ahead!! He is far from an idiot. More educated than you will ever be. And actually won on the're the true IDIOT

Anonymous said...

How does it feel to eat crow? Talk about an Ego saving 2.1 million dollars in your election account to use in a race for Governor instead of using it to hold on to the job you have. Just think if he spent $100,000 of it on a get out the vote effort he may have pick up the votes he needed to keep his job and political career. We do not need that type of judgment sitting in the County Executive's seat. Glad Mangano won. Shows he can do a lot with a little.