Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fixed Belesi's Tax Revolt Sign for him.



Ted said...

I don't care what they say about FORGED signatures. I went out and got those signatures. Spent a great deal of time of my summer doing them and EVERY one was LEGIT. Approve this comment blog author. YEAH surpress this 1st right like you DEMS are trying to surpress the 2ND the country is on a slippery slope.

J said...

So you don't care about the Judge who kicked Belesi off the ballot?

BTW read the constitution.... the 1st amendment has to do with government supression of speech.

And who is supressing the 2nd? You mean background checks so criminals and nuts can't get guns?
Colin Ferguson used his 2nd amendment rights down south to buy guns to kill passengers on the LIRR. Did he have a right to do that?

Just back to the petitons, it was fraud. Fraud through and through. That's not me saying it, it's the judge who found so many problems with the petitions he threw Belesi off w/o a second thought.
Did you commit fraud Ted?
Is the DA investigating you, Ted?

Anonymous said...

The whole Belesi family is corrupt. It shouldn't surprise anyone that his petitions were forged. A few nieve people may have gotten signatures for Joe but they don't know the real guy. The only reason he ran is to feed his ego and pocket. I pray for his district he doesn't win. He has no intention of helping the public only himself and his corrupt family