Thursday, April 30, 2009

Venditto the Tax Increaser Shows Nerve Speaking at Anti-Tax Rally

TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto was one of the few local elected officials to speak at the Nassau Young Republican Tea Party. The rally with puportedly was about how we are being taxed too much is an odd place for Venditto to speak considering he increased taxes in the Town of Oyster Bay by 11%.
Venditto has an odd rationalization for raising taxes as he told the Massapequa Post "We all hate taxes but I think residents understand that the we've been mindful at a local level," said Venditto who added that the budget maintains the status quo on all of the Town's programs and projects"

What does Venditto mean by "status quo?" According to the budget, there is only a 2.8% spending increase. How does a 2.8% spending increase equal an 11% tax increase?

Venditto continues "The success of this Town isn't measured in budget tables but how well it serves its people," the Supervisor said. "When I start to work on a budget I think of about our young people, who may now be able to buy their first home or senior citizens who can now remain here," said the Supervisor."

But what Venditto isn't thinking much about or even talking about is the $400million in debt the Town has. And how does the Town "serve it's people?" By Bonding over $54million to make up fro lack of funds. Venditto and the all-republican Town Board borrows heavily on the backs of the young people who want to buy their first home.

The Post article continuies "Venditto called the budget lean, cost efficient and financially responsible.
"When we took over in the late 90's the Town was in dire financial straights with a $30-million deficit. I don't want to undo any of the good work we've done," said Venditto. "I think this budget is a fiscally responsible one that still allows the Town to continue its programs and services that make Oyster Bay a desirable place to live."

I would call being $454million in the hole somewhat dire considering the downturn in local revenues. And again, it is the constant Bonding that allows the Town to continue it's programs and services. Without those bonds, there would be a deficit higher than the one Venditto says he inherited.

Venditto has real balls to stand up and speak at an anti-tax rally when he is taxing the TOBAY residents more and borrowing more money to keep his "status quo."


Venditto can't stand higher taxes unless he is the one raising them!

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