Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Massapequa Tea Bag Party Pictures

I went to the Massapequa Tea Bag Party this afternoon. The Tea baggers were lined up on Sunrise Highway (some on the south side) with their signs causing traffic to slow to a crawl.
I wade into the crowd of about 150-200 to take some pictures and see what was up. The snippets of conversations I heard made my ears bleed. They might not be indicative of the whole crowd but what I heard was a lack of understanding of the issues. Then I heard "... FOX News..." and "... 770AM..." and that pretty much explained the lack of knowledge.

Here are a few pictures of the crowd.

These two seem to have forgotten that the economic mess we are in was caused by 8 years of George W. Bush and 6 of those years with a republican congress. Actually, the whole crowd seems to have developed selective amnesia, blocking Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009.
I'd like to point out to these two mouth breathers the illegal wiretaps that were unconstitutional. Who did that again, guys?


Here is someone who believes that access to healthcare for all Americans will cause death. Universal Healthcare means access. It means healthier citizens. It means insurance companies can't deny treatment as they do every single day.
Universal Healthcare works fine elsewhere. Why not here?


I wonder if this fine fellow voted for George W. Bush. I bet he did.
Now I wonder if he was just as upset and took to the street when the debt increased 71% under Bush. That is a $10trillion debt President Obama INHERITED.
Does it matter that Bush inherited an annual federal budget surplus of $230 billion from Clinton and in just three short years turned it into a $500+ billion deficit? This negative turnaround of three-quarters of a trillion dollars.

More pictures later....


Anonymous said...

You guys lost, McCain lost and the mess Obama is dealing with was created by your party....Bush inherited a surplus from Clinton and his war coupled with tax cuts and deregulation have nearly crippled the US. You want more? There are no walls or fences keeping you here if you don't like it. I know a place without taxes, Somalia...Book a flight now.

Anonymous said...

Another whitey-white pseudo-protest. How come the protests wasn't in say, Hempstead, a county seat?

These folks hate the fact that someone who is not "like" them is our president.

Anonymous said...

Check out the MANY You Tube videos about the Massapequa Tea Party.

Search on You tube for--
Massapequa Tea

M. Morales said...

let's see. why don't you lefties just admit you want handouts. The right is fighting for liberty. That means "freedom" for all you lefties edjamatcated by the government. First thing you need to do is educate yourselves about what the federal government's responsiblitie are. Then maybe, just maybe if think real hard, you might be able to figure out what the Right is making such a fuss about

Anonymous said...

What exactly does universal healthcare mean? According to the Canadians who have universal healthcare it means coming to the USA with their credit card. By the way people in NY already have healthcare that can't be cancelled unless you don't pay the premium; N.Y. children care can continue until age 29 instead of Obama care which ends at age 26; and NY coverage is already unlimited in network. New Yorkers will be paying 15% of the cost of the nation's universal healthcare, and in 2015 new yorkers will have to pay an additional$600-$900 million in taxes to cover the additional Medicaid cost due to universal healthcare; how many jobs will be lost in NY due to this? the devil is always in the details; and those details aren't good for NY. NY is going red...bankrupt and that good for us?

Anonymous said...

Bush and congress did spend too much money I agree. The Medicare prescription drug benefit is one example. And he also was in favor of giving illegal's amnesty. Both things in my view are hurtful to this Country.
Over spending the people's money and not expecting people to comply with our laws are just wrong.
Around 2005 President Bush was pushing for illegal immigration and a phone call and fax campaign to the president and congress stopped it. They listened to the people then. but not now. You want to come here great.... just do it legally.
President Bush expanded the federal budget by a historic $700 billion through 2008. President Obama will add another $1 trillion. This is better?
My question is ... If you think it was wrong when Bush was president........... why is it OK when a new president follows the same path? Where is your outrage now?

Anonymous said...

It sound as though you have all the answers I suggest you put your money where your mount is. While you make some valid points putting them on a blog that nobody reads is just nonsense. On another note, I was at the really and found it to be peaceful, informative, mutli-racial and multi-party. Tea Parties were held across the county, so maybe Hempstead had one also. I guess you haven't looked at your pay check deductions recently, if you have, you would notice the percentage of taxes you are paying not including, property, and sales taxes. Soon to be a VAT tax on every purchase.

It is time for you to wake up and instead criticizing a movement, start one on your own and see how many people will agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are well received, however Bush and Obama are in the same camp, their policies are in allignment and trust me, Bush is not welcome to the Tea Party. The ruling elite have been puppetering the last 25 years of leadership placing the Bushes, Clintons and Obama in power. This needs to end.

This country has not enjoyed a people's Presidency in many years. Find me a candidate that would:
1) End the War Machine
2) End private ownership of our country's money supply and place it back in the hands of the People
3) Utilized Debt Free money supply to fund necessary social programs
4) Set the size of Government at equilibrium with maximum Tax Revenue based on generating maximum private Growth
5) End Cronie Capitalism by pusnishing those who engage in it forcing a mandatory liquidation of their assets to repay the US taxpayer what they stole with interest, followed by mandatory Jail Time.
6) Give back the State Legislators the power to choose their Senators and not by general election
7) Limit Campain contributions to DNC and RNC during general elections.