Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nassau Young Republicans Catch Tea Bagging Fever

The Nassau County Young Republicans have taken up the new tea bagging fad and will be hosting a Tea Bag Party at Levittown Veteran's Memorial Park on April 25th.
This protest against grave injustices inflicted upon republicans like Obama winning the election in November and other things should go well.... considering there is no body of water at the park and on weekends, the park is a popular skateboarder hangout.
The Nassau County Young Republicans plan to take back America one Tea Bag at a time. They plan to stimulate debate and arouse the voters.

To get the party started right, the young reps will be hosting an Long Island Iced Tea Bag Party the week before.

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Ryan Dixon said...

Glad to see you guys involved in the Tea Party Movement, I am on the National Tea Party Coalition.

Ryan Dixon