Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Baggers Coming to Massapequa

Today is "Tax Day" and the republican tea baggers are holding a Tea Bag Party in Massapequa. Newsday reports Head Tea Bagger "Laura Gill, the lead organizer of the Massapequa rally, said the protests are in response to the stimulus package "and we're going to have a voice and vote together. There is strength in numbers."
Actually, the "protests" are in response to Barack Obama winning the election.
The interesting thing is the "protest" is being held at the Massapequa LIRR station from 4-6pm.
Don't these people have jobs? What an odd time to have a tea bag party at the LIRR station.
Since I was a commuter for many, many years I can safely say that the 9-5er's will be arriving after the Tea Bag Party is over. Usually around 6:01.
And if any financial services employees do get off the train, ask them how bad it is that the government saved the banks and financial institutions they still have a job at.
I wonder how many bank failures, company bankruptcies, and massive layoffs Laura Gill feels is okay.
The stimulus money is plugging a hole in the NY State budget which is helping Nassau County, the Town of Oyster Bay and the Massapequa School District.
What is Laura Gill willing to cut if that stimulus money wasn't there?

I'm betting TOBAY Supervisor John Venditto who raised taxes 11% last year will be on hand for a photo-op. Expect to see Venditto Tea Bagging in an upcoming issue of the Massapequa Post.

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