Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hannon Opponent McElroy Comments on Lack of Accomplishments in State Senate

Democratic State Senate Candidates Brian X. Foley & Kristen McElroy Blast Republican Senate Inaction in Albany

Call on Senate to Get Back to Work

Hauppauge, NY – Democratic State Senate candidates Brian X. Foley (3rd District) & Kristen McElroy (6th District) joined together at the State Office Building in Hauppauge to blast the Republican Senate for another year of inaction. The Republican Senate failed to vote or debate on important bills to cut property taxes, provide paid family leave, reform New York's broken system of campaign finance, or combat global climate change.

"The party is over in Albany and once again working families are left footing the bill for Republican inaction," state Supervisor Foley. "Working families would have greatly benefited from a property tax cap and paid family leave legislation, but the republicans simply said no."

Kristen McElroy added, "The Republican majority has once again shown a complete lack of concern for families across Long Island."

A recent statewide poll revealed an overwhelming majority, 74% of New Yorkers, support a cap on property taxes. Cutting property taxes through an expanded circuit breaker would provide relief to those who need it most and create a much fairer system of taxes, as the tax breaks would be focused on middle class families. Capping people's property taxes based on income, like the circuit breaker does, would give real relief instead of more political gimmicks.

Foley and McElroy both called on the Republican controlled Senate to "Get back to work."

"There is some unfinished business up in Albany; if the Republican Senate is not interested in working for the people then it is time for change," stated McElroy.

Legislation to create a paid family leave program, which would help working families, was also blocked by the Senate Republicans. Paid Family Leave allows workers to take time off from work to care for a newborn or a seriously ill family member. Currently, if a member of the family has to take time off they do so unpaid. In today's struggling economic environment this is an enormous financial burden that working families are forced to make every day. Paid Family Leave would drastically reduce the hardship of choosing over family or job.

Brian X. Foley is a lifelong resident of Brookhaven Town. He has been working hard for the people of Brookhaven every day for the past 15 years in the Suffolk County Legislature and then in the Town of Brookhaven. First elected to represent the Seventh Legislative District (Blue Point) in 1993, and Supervisor of Brookhaven in 2005, Foley has a proven record of fundamental reforms and fiscal responsibility. Under Foley's supervision the Town of Brookhaven has enjoyed the highest bond rating in the town's history.

Kristen McElroy is a lifelong resident of Garden City and is a mother of three. Kristen is an accomplished lawyer who served as a Prosecutor under the Nassau District Attorney and currently is running a successful law practice with her father in Mineola. Kristen is running to bring common sense solutions back to Albany.

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