Friday, July 25, 2008

From the Mailbag

Here is a comment left about my post on Peter King and offshore drilling on Long Island. I am highlighting this simply because THIS is who supports King.
"By the way you may want to be a little realistic about your post card of Jones Beach. You can only view at MOST 12 miles from the shore. Most drilling off the coast is NOT visible from the beach. Nice try with the fear tatics.
But don't let facts get in the way of reality.
Oh yeah, remember Katrina? The WORST storm of the century? How many oil spills did we have the Gulf of Mexico?"

Now this was anonymous. That right there shows the courage of the commenter.
The first thing is that the postcard is clearly an exaggeration. It was done for affect. The point is that oil rigs could very ell be cropping up off Jones Beach if King and Bush and McCain had thier way. That's the reality.
The second most incredibly dumb thing is the questioning of how many oil spills happend fatre Katrina. That is the new ignorant talking point the repub
licans are making. They seem to think that there were none.
The FACT and the REALITY is that there were 44 oil spills just in the Lousiana.

And just to add fuel to the oil fire, there was an oil spill sans hurricane just yesterday that closed 100 miles of the Mississippi River.
I'm not sure about the anonymous commenter but I don't want our beaches and fishing industry to be at risk.

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