Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Donno Campaign Cash Numbers; The Empty Pant-Suit Candidate

The mark of a top-tier serious candidate is being able to raise money. Barbara Donno is Skelos' girl to beat Democrat Craig Johnson. And she REALLY is Skelos' girl.
Donno "raised" $400,000 according to her new filing.
Well, actually the Republican Campaign Committee gave Donno $355,000.
That means she only raised $45,000 on her own.
$500 of that money came from the NRA.
That doesn't show any local support for her at all.
Of the $400,000 she HAD, she now has $45,000 cash on hand.
Donno or whoever is running her campaign blew $300,000 on those two really ineffective ads.

The funny thing about the $355,000 from the Republican Committee is that the money came after Skelos became Majority Leader.

Now hasn't the undeclared-republican republican Donno been saying in her ads that she isn't a "typical politician" and says Albany has alot of problems?
The cash Donno got is FROM ALBANY.
She IS a typical politician.

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Anonymous said...

Johnson has done absolutely nothing for us up in Albany, except vote with the Teachers and Administrators unions to raise our taxes. He is part of the same old corruption! He needs to be voted out!Whether Donno is Skelos' girl or not, it doesn't matter, just as long as she doesn't support higher taxes which she does not, she'll get my vote.