Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Donno Update: Uphill Challenger Gets More Than Embattled Incumbants

I would guess that Dean-O is making promises to Sen. Frank Padavan of Queens because while Donno got $355,000 from the Republican Senate Campaign Committee, Padavan got ZERO. Padavan is in a wobbly position this year for re-election. Skelos has to be promising more money.
Also in Queens, Serf Maltese barely held on 2 years ago and pulled in $220,000 from the RSCC since January. Donno gets $355,000 in 2 months and blows most of it on summer tv ads. Maltese must be getting promises too.
Skelos is showing that he is more concerned about a Long Island grudge match against Craig Johnson than preserving sitting Senators.
Republican Liz Feld of Westchester (another challenger) did get $150,000 which is still less than half of Donno's take. And Feld is at least raising money on her own. Only 1% of contributions to Donno came from individuals.
The republicans will not gain any seats this year and can really only hope to hang on to the one's they have. Skelos is playing offense when defense is hat he needs.

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Anonymous said...

Without the Senate majority clout and funds, Frank and Serf will not be able to provide their legendary constituent service. That was the premise that elected Carozzo.