Tuesday, June 21, 2005

They Write Letters Part 2

Why do Nassau County Young Republicans continue to misrepresent themselves? Once again, an officer of the group, one Micheal R. Kaplan of Freeport, writing a letter to "support" the expansion of Republic Airport uses the letter to bash Democrats. This is just like the Alex P. Vassallo incident we exposed here two weeks ago. It is amusing that they are so cowardly that they are unwilling to let readers of Newsday know thier partisan positions. Micheal R. Kaplan is the First Vice-President of the Nassau County Young Republicans. Kaplan continues the grand tradition set by Vassallo of not knowing what he is talking about.

The letter follows in RED with my comments in BLACK

Airport expansion is right for Nassau

Prior to Sept. 11, 2001, I was a student pilot flying out of Farmingdale's Republic Airport.

Why did Kaplan stop? Flight Schools still operate out of Republic.

"Recently I read about Nassau County Legis. David Mejias' opposition to the proposed expansion project."

Legislator Mejias is representing the interests of his constituents who have expressed safety and noise concerns.
Mejias is joined by Babylon Superviosor Steve Bellone, Farmingdale Mayor George Graf, Suffolk Legislator Elie Mystal, Amityville Mayor Peter Imbert various civic organizations and hundreds of residents.

I think Mejias (D-North Massapequa) does not have the interests of Nassau County at heart with his politically driven assault on the airport ["Pressure delays airport taxiway plan," News, June 15].

As I said, Mejias is representing his constituents. "Politically driven?" No, he's doing his job.
The only thing "politically driven" here is Kaplan's letter.
Now we know why Kaplan ceased flight training. He put Republic Airport in Nassau County. when it is actually in Suffolk County.

"Republic Airport has long needed an expansion. It would be very worthwhile for Long Island."

Does Kpalan live next to an airport or in the flight path of one? This is more than an economic issue, this is a quality of life issue.

"The increased revenue would help businesses afford the increased tax burden imposed on them by Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi and his rubberstamp legislators, including Mejias."

Ahhh... and there you go. Kaplan's real reason for writing the letter. It's not about Republc Airport at all... it's about attacking Suozzi and the Democrats. The airport stuff is just a McGuffin.
Two other things, again a Nassau County Young Republican just doesn't know how taxes work in the county. The County portion of the tax bill is 20%. The high taxes come from School and Town taxes and in the case of the Town of Hempstead, all the little special districts. And to call the Democrats "rubberstamps" just ignores the reality of the two parties. Only one party votes party-line every time and that is the Republicans. Votes by the Democrats have often gone against Suozzi and his plans. Kaplan probably knows this but is too dishonest to say it.

"Such an expansion should be welcomed with open arms."

Tell that to the Farmingdale residents that oppose any expansion of the airport. Maybe if Kaplan lived at the end of a runway he would sing a different tune.

Michael R. Kaplan

Hey Michael, you forgot to mention you are the First Vice President of the Nassau County Young Republicans and a member of the Freeport Republican Committee.

See, apparantly Newsday has requirements for its letters and one is for letter writers to identify themselves if they belong to or are an officer in an organization that has direct interest in the topic.
If I were to write to Newsday, I would Identify myself as running this website. To try to come off as some concerned citizen and not a partisan elected officer of a political organization is just deceitful.
This is the second time in three weeks this has happend with officers from the Nassau County Young Republicans. Looks like honesty is not a virtue for them.

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