Sunday, June 26, 2005

More Kate Murray because there can never be enough

Why is Kate Murray taking credit for something she is not responsible for? Because she can and no one will call her on it.
Verizon, the telephone company is expanding its internet offerings with hi-speed access and moving into home entertainment. The home entertainment fiber-optic television FiOS TV will compete with cable. The Verizon Television service is still in its infancy but the company is actively seeking to compete with Cablevision on Long Island. Verizon has been approaching municipalities, which grant franchise agreements, for the better part of a year.
Enter Kate Murray. In the Anton News paper "Floral Park Dispatch", the story describes Murray's involvement thusly; "Other quality of life issues Murray mentioned included her recent efforts to bring another cable television provider to the Town, "so that neighbors can have a cable TV choice."
Murray is taking credit for a company that approached the Town of Hempstead. Murray didn't seek them out, they sought to get a franchise agreement in place for a launch later this year or early next. Murray makes it sound like she had the initiative to seek out Verizon FiOS.
Don't be fooled.

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