Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Suddenly Silence

There have been complaints about Suozzi hiring firms from outside Nassau to do work for the county or for his campaign. The complaints are from the usual suspects plus a few new shrill voices.
You would expect some sort of consistancy from a campaign message but for the Nassau GOP, there is no such thing as consistancy.
From one yammering know-nothing GOP hack we get this "One wonders exactly how much money these firms are being payed, and how much of that money could instead have gone to boost the anemic Long Island Economy." The aforementioned hack(s) is employed by the Town of Hempstead.
Why do we bring this up?
It seems that TOH Supervisor Kate Murray is (after 10 years) trying to close a flop-house hotel in West Hempstead. What caught our attention in the Newsday story was "The town has commissioned a so-called blight study by a Westchester firm on the hotel, which Murray said would be completed "in a few weeks." She said the study, if it showed the property to be a blight, would allow the town to close the hotel."
Yes dear reader, Murray is hiring an firm based outside Hempstead and Nassau County to do the work.
Where are the complaints for that?
There aren't any.
Why should the republicans be consistant?

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