Saturday, July 31, 2010

For Mangano, the Buck Stops Somewhere Else


Lie #2 is a combo. During the campaign, Mangano took a shot at all the "patronage" under CE Suozzi and Mangano pledged to make cuts, "...Ed Mangano is dedicated to shrinking Nassau County’s bloated patronage system."
Mangano decried the high salaries and how these positions are filled "....the current county executive doubled the size of exempt patronage positions. These positions are highly paid, appointed, and unregulated by civil service exams, many receiving over $100,000 a year...
...these politically motivated appointments are a drain on Nassau County’s resources."

So, how exactly does former (read: defeated) Judge Carnell Foskey fit into all this?
Well, he was appointed to be Parks Commissioner.
Does it matter that he has NO experience running a park system?
Of course not, this is a PATRONAGE job with a salary of $136,000.
What makes it odder is that instead of being replaced, former Commissioner Jose Lopez becomes Foskey's Deputy and keeps his salary of $136,00.
So Mangano ADDS an inexperienced political insider for a high salary and keeps the former commissioner on for the same salary.
This looks like the experienced Lopez will be doing the work and Foskey will be getting a pay check.
Exactly how is that "shrinking the patronage system?"

The second half of this lie is Mangano pledging to cut salaries. How was the Foskey hire a cut?
But there is more....
Three years ago, a commission recommended salary increases for the County Executive, Comptroller, County Clerk and District Attorney. The County Executive salary increased to $174,614.
Mangano opposed the raise and voted against it.
But since January of this year, Mangano has been cashing that pay check happily.
If Mangano was opposed to the raise and says he has "....county payroll by $22 million", why isn't he taking it to the next logical step?
Why doesn't Managno put his money where his mouth is and have the legislature pass a bill that would cut the County Executive salary back to pre-2007?
Managno is laughing all the way to the bank.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Mangano loses the election and Carnell Foskey loses his job as Nassau County Parks Commissioner as a result. I say this as a long-term registered Republican. Carnell Foskey was a disaster as a Family Court Judge. I don't know who elevated him to the position of Supervising Judge of Family Court, but perhaps it was the same person who gave James Burke the position as Suffolk County Chief of Police. Thank God Foskey lost the election in 2009 and, consequently, his position working in Family Court in any capacity. That evil individual destroyed my teenager daughter's life for several years in the early 2000s. Thank God his misguided decision was immediately stayed and reversed by the Appellate Division in Brooklyn because Judge Foskey did not know the law and had no common sense and no grounds for his decision. Thank God my daughter was permitted to return to her home and high school; she closed the door on her no good father once and for all; and has since gone on to graduate from university and begin a career in one of the helpling professions. I hope that when Carnell Foskey loses his job, it will prompt him to examine his conscience and repent of all the harm he inflicted on people -- many of whom were helpless children -- and humble himself. But there is a special place in hell for people who misuse their power by abuse others; and I'm confident that one day he will find himself there.