Sunday, August 01, 2010

Taking Credit for Something You Didn't Do is Lying, Ed


In Accidental County Executive Ed Mangano's expensive 4-color mailing pat on his own back, it says on the front "100 Days in Office Goes by Quick when you're been busy.... getting guns... off the streets."
Lie # 3: Mangano is referring to "Day 26 - January 15th... Announced with law enforcement officials, a "Gun Buy Back" initiative to combat illegal handgun violence."
Sounds like Mangano is starting a whole new program, right?
Well, he's just taking credit for a program that CE Suozzi started FOUR YEARS AGO.

So to pad his list of (cough-cough) "accomplishments, Mangano takes credit for something Suozzi did. And he hopes voters are suckers enough to buy it.
How very sad, Ed.

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