Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fake Outrage of Peter Schmitt

The King of Bluster, Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt let the outrage fly Monday night at a full meeting of the Legislature. During the debate on a living wage bill, Democratic Lg. Kevan Abrahams commented on how Schmitt runs the Legislature " a Nazi camp."
According to Celeste Hadrick at Newsday, Abrahams had immediately apologized after he said it and Schmitt said "I didn't hear it."
After the comments were read back to Schmitt he began his act "You have a hell of a nerve to draw that kind of inference."
Yes, a hell of a nerve.
Abrahams responded "You are dictating to us when we can ask questions....I am not implying you have any affiliation to the Nazi's."
But Schmitt would have none of that and said "You have some nerve. You are way out of bounds to use that language to anybody in this room."

To be honest, making comparisons of any sort to nazi's is always a sticky situation but Abrahams did apologize.

BUT the thing that makes this whole situation a bit of hooey from Schmitt's side is that 4 years ago, Schmitt said of CE Tom Suozzi, "He’s run this county like a stormtrooper for the last few years.”
And for some reason I'm not seeing Schmitt making an allusion to the white-armored Star Wars characters.
What comes to mind is exactly how the word Stormtrooper is defined:
“storm trooper (n. ) A member of the Nazi militia noted for brutality and violence.
One who resembles or behaves like a member of the Nazi militia."

So four years ago, Schmitt calls CE Suozzi a Nazi unapologetically but gets all bent out of shape when it's thrown at him. To use his own words, Schmitt has some nerve.
What a Hypocrite.


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