Friday, July 30, 2010

A Lie Keeps Growing and Growing Until It's As Plain As The Nose On Your Face.


Republican County Executive Ed Mangano sent out a full-color, 4 page mailing (how much did THAT cost taxpayers) patting himself on the back for things he "accomplished" in his first 100 days in office.
Well, things aren't quite like he says.

We'll be going through his lies here on Nassau GOP Watch and making sure that the truth is known.
This post will start with Day #1 and Lie #1. Right out of the gates, Mangano is not quite telling you the truth.

LIE #1: "Repealed the Home Energy Tax." Mangano said in his inaugural address “The document I just signed makes good on my promise and that of my Republican colleagues, and the home energy tax is hereby repealed.”

Well...No, Not Really.

Sure Mangano signed a repeal but that was on January 1st. The "Energy Tax" stayed in effect until June 30th, a full six months later.
And he repeated the refrain of repeal for those six months and unless you didn't pay attention to your bills, you would never have known he was still collecting your money until the end of June.
When the REAL date of the repeal rolled around, the excuse pushed by Mangano and his republican cohorts was that it was the "earliest" they could do it "by law." And of course they don't say that they can get a waiver and have the repeal begin on DAY ONE.
Hey, how about a refund of all the monies collected from DAY ONE of the "repeal" to when it actually took effect?

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