Thursday, February 04, 2010

How Revolting Take 2: Rose Walker Gives Taxpayers the Finger Twice.

During Rose Walkers run for County Legislator she said "I know the residents and they know me. All of the residents that I speak with talk about the high taxes. We have to take Nassau in a different direction."
Exactly what direction that is is clear when Walker voted to increase her new bosses salry by 47%. Walker dutifully voted in favor of the raise, falling lock-step with her new associates.
BUT the screwing of taxpayers by Walker didn't start in the Nassau County Legislature. Right after the November election, Walker voted with the rest of the republican Town Board in Oyster Bay to INCREASE SALARIES for her then-boss Supervisor John Venditto by 12% and the rest of the elected members by 10%.
Rose Walker did her old boss a favor and did the same for her new boss. What a gal... or rather what gall.
If that wasn't insulting enough, after running a campaign on high taxes, Walker sorta, kinda forgot she raised taxes in the Town of Oyster Bay by 41% in just 5 short years!
She insults the people that voted for her time and time again.
It looks like Rose Walker hasn't met a tax or a salary she didn't want to increase.

Buyers remorse should be setting in shortly for the voters of the 17th L.D.

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