Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today is election day and it is important to exercise your right as a citizen to choose who you want to represent you.

With that said, locally we need to return all the Democratic Legislators. The slim majority we have now is all that stands between us and bankruptcy for the county. Peter Schmitt and the republican candidates support plans that will make matters worse not better.
I am running against Peter Schmitt in a very uphill race because the truth about his plans need to be told. Nassau County can't afford Peter Schmitt.

Legislator Dave Mejias needs your support in the 14th LD to make sure that Joe Belesi the Peter Schmitt puppet doesn't ruin the county.

Legislator Diane Yaturo will defeat TOBAY council-woman Beth Faughnan. And then Faughnan needs to lose in TOBAY in 2 years.

Elsewhere, please cast your ballots for great candidates for legislature Omar Jorge, Mike Uhl, Ali Mirza, John Rossi and John Clark.

In Oyster bay, it's time we had real government and not wishy-washy, finger in the wind "leaders" like John Venditto. Joe Terino and his team are the future.

In Hempstead, just throw the corrupt bums out. Kate Murray is part of a system that bleeds taxpayers dry while lining the pockets of politically-connected friends and family.

Judges? I know Ed Dane and he is a Judge we need on the bench.
Rhonda Fischer? Don't vote for her. She's part of the republican machine.

It's raining out but get out there and vote. The future of our great county depends on it.

I'll have updates during the day when I can get in front of a computer.


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