Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Historical Numbers for the 14th LD Mejias Re-Election

The 14th LD is a republican district. That can't be argued. Even after the redistricting, the 14th is still overwhelmingly republican. Just by voter registraion, Mejias should have been clobbered each time he ran. That didn't happen and I don't doubt that Dave Mejias was re-elected and the Dems are still in control of the legislature.

I've posted some numbers of past races to compare to what we are seeing last night.

1999 is the year that the Democrats swept into control of the Legislature. It was a massacre for republicans but republican incumbant Sal Pontillo survived with a healthy margin of victory of over 1000 votes.
Pontillo (R) 5,994
Gorman (D)4,927
Styne (I) 258

2001 Tom Suozzi headed the Democratic ticket and Dave Mejias in his first run comes within under 600 votes of beating Pontillo.
Pontillo (R) - 7,574
Mejias (D) - 7,019

2003 with County Assessor at the top of the ticket, Mejias beats a candidate with massive name recognition. Mejias wins by 381 votes.
Mejias (D) 6,106 - 52%
Carman (R) 5,725 - 48%

2005 Souzzi up for re-election and PBA along with republicans spend alot of money to unseat Mejias but he takes the win.
Mejias (D) 7,587 - 51.36%
Sabellico (R) 7,184 - 48.64%

2007 an off-off year election with no top of the ticket county-wide still sees Mejias win in a district where his party affiliation is in the minority. The numbers tightened up this year but the republicans out-did themselves throwing money into the race. The Belesi people went sign crazy putting Belesi signs deep into the 12th LD and over in the 15th LD.
DAVID L MEJIAS (D).......6,182
JOSEPH V BELESI (R).......5,960

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